Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

Do you get tired of chicken, chicken, and more chicken? Keep an eye on this space for different takes on healthy meals featuring a chicken dishes. We’ll provide the recipes, you just promise to drive by the restaurants and cook dinner at home.

You need protein to lose weight, retain muscle mass, restore energy and burn fat. Chicken or turkey (white meat with no skin only) is a great source of healthy protein. Keep in mind; you can turn a chicken breast into a 600 calorie, heart clogging mess or a 140 calorie healthy dish just by the way you prepare it.

Consider this: a 4 oz. chicken breast (no skin)= 130-140 calories
1 Extra Tasty Crispy Chicken Breast from KFC = 470 calories
Hot and Spicy = 530 calories
then add a biscuit for 200 calories
coleslaw for 114 calories
corn on the cob for 222 calories
potato and gravy for 109 calories
or potato wedges for 192 calories
You could be looking at a 1,115-1,258 calorie meal.
We were excited and relieved when KFC introduced their grilled chicken breast, coming in at 180 calories.


Roast Chicken with Lemon

1 whole chicken, approximately 3 lbs. 1 lemon, quartered
salt and freshly ground pepper 1 small onion, quartered
1 garlic clove, split in half

Preheat oven to 350. Rinse chicken inside and out; pat dry. Season inside and out with salt and pepper (go light with the salt). Rub garlic over the skin, and then place it inside the cavity. Stuff lemon and onion inside cavity. Tie legs together. Place chicken breast side up in a roasting pan. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes until the juices run clear.

Serves 4, 160 calories per serving, white meat only-remove skin

Add sides of broccoli and a baked sweet potato and enjoy.

You lose weight and the family is happy and healthy. What more could you want?

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