My First PHC Blog Entry

This is going to be fun! Let me introduce you to our newly designed website. Now perhaps all my emails won’t start with “I saw your website, read it, but can you tell me how your program works?”

Needless to say, we needed some help. To the rescue…Brett Bohannon (you may remember him from the 2008-2009 Augusta’s Biggest Loser contest. He lost 135.8 lbs and came in second for the men). Brett introduced us to Josh Mace, the internet guru, whose work you’ll see on our site. Josh is now a PHC client and so far has lost 24 lbs. So we all win. PHC gets an updated site and Josh gets to goal weight.

The site is much easier to use, even for me. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Me, a blogger! Never thought this would happen. Tune in later for my take on Weight Loss Centers. You’ll be really interested.

Donna Plants
PHC Director and Successful Client

  1. JasonJJordan says:

    Congrats(!) Donna-

    The website looks great!


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