Losing Weight at Holiday Time

It’s that time again, the HOLIDAYS!  We look forward to it, complain about it, wonder how we will “get it all done” and love it all at the same time. For years, I have worked with clients that lost weight, yes lost weight during the holidays. How did they do it?

Check out these Tips:

Successful clients make the decision to enjoy the holidays but NOT gain weight.

They put their resolve to avoid gaining  in writing and make certain  they see it everyday. Something like: “I will maintain my weight during Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I will enjoy some holiday favorites but not everything.”

They commit to exercise  30 minutes daily. If you are so busy that you cannot get it in, you need to regroup and find what you can do. Do 25 squats right after your shower every morning, do 20 push ups on the foot board of your bed, or march in place while you watch a movie.

They have healthy foods available.  Remember if you have bowls of M&Ms or Christmas cookies out you are going to eat them, sometimes all of them.

Put your goals in writing.  If you want to maintain your weight,  keep your goals on the mirror so you’ll see them daily. If you truly want to maintain, take the time to make this “promise” to yourself. Remember if you eat healthy during the days before the holiday, then you will be able to enjoy some of your favorites on the BIG day.

Enjoy your family and friends and focus on the real reason you love this time of year.  Take a walk to see the Christmas lights, write cards to those you love and tell what they mean to you, help someone you don’t know.  My husband has been known to pay $20 for the person in line behind him at the grocery store…no one knows but the clerk and him as he hurries out of the store feeling great.  Whatever gives you a big smile is right for you.

Enjoy the Season without the Gain! Dream about waking up on New Year’s Day and loving what you see in the mirror.

Don’t forget, the best gift you can give those you love is GOOD HEALTH. Lead the way, let them see your healthy habits.  Remember that old saying: “Actions speak louder than Words.”

Donna Plants, Director & Successful Client

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